Rotary Recycling Rubbish
             Sculpture Contest and Exhibit
Creating Art from Non-recyclable Materials
Sponsored by
McHenry County Coalition of Rotary Clubs
in conjunction with
Rotary District 6440 Environmental Committee
Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
McHenry County Conservation District
Suggested Materials   Non-recyclable plastics and Styrofoam, metals, ceramics, kitchenware, rubber, wax boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, glass panes, mirrors, packing peanuts, metallic/glitter wrapping paper, foam egg cartons and other non-recyclable materials.
Discouraged Materials   Commonly recycled materials such as beverage bottles, jars, paper, cardboard.
No toxic, hazardous, or organic materials allowed.
Proportion of non-recyclable materials used in creating the item will be a criteria for the contest, along with creativity and artistic appeal.
Items will be exhibited at the Earth Day Celebration
Saturday, April 17th 2021
Prairieview Education Center
2112 Behan Rd,   Crystal Lake, Illinois 60012
Item Dimension:  Max. weight:  25#    Max. length:  5 feet in any one direction
Please complete and email this form to before April 1, 2021.
Submission deadline for completed creations April 12, 2021.  Please attach the original of this form to your artwork.
First Name: _____________________          Last Name: ____________________
Mailing Address:  ___________________________________________________
Phone #: (         )______________________________                                                                                             
Email:   _____________________________________________
Entry Title:  _________________________________________________
List Materials Used, in order of approx. amount: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I consent to the display and/or use of my original artwork submission or images thereof by the McHenry County Rotary Coalition.  I understand that my artwork may be displayed by the McHenry County Rotary Coalition for up to one year.
Entrant Signature: ___________________________________________                                                                                                                      
Parent / Guardian Printed Name and Signature (if Entrant under 18)            
Relationship to Entrant    _______________                              Signature Date _________________
For questions or further information email