Melissa in Argentina

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August 20, 2010
I have been in Argentina for a week. My family greeted me at the airport with a huge sign. They have been absolutely amazing. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

They have taken me to downtown Buenos Aires. The city is beautiful.

I think we are going back on Sunday to do mor e sightseeing! Downtown
Buenos Aires is only about a half hour drive from my house.

Today is my first Rotary meeting and I can't wait to meet all the Rotarians. My counselor met me and the airport and he is very nice. I started school on Tuesday. Tuesday was the first day I had ever worn a uniform. It has been nice having my outfit already picked out for me.
Thank you so much for the opportunity. My exchange thus far has been nothing but amazing! Thank you.
Love, Melissa


Sept 17


I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 12th. I live with a really nice family. I have two host siblings, Camila (17) and Juanjo (14). Camila is going to Germany on exchange in January. I have only been in Argentina a month but I have already fallen in love. The people are the nicest people I have ever met in my life. The food is amazing. I am trying really hard to stay active because I cant pass up a pastry from the amazing bakery's or hot meat from the grill.


I go to school every day from 12:50 in the afternoon until 6 p.m. School has been hard. I studied Spanish for two years before I arrived. I realized that two years of Spanish doesn't really get you very far. The only subjects that I kind of understand are math and chemistry. I have also been doing volunteer work with my school. Every Friday a community service group meets at school, and on Saturday's we go to different places to do volunteer work. Last Saturday we went to a rehab center for young men. We played soccer, volleyball, cards, and had lunch together.


I live in Buenos Aires Province. The downtown in about 30 minutes from my house. I have been to the downtown part three times. The city is absolutely beautiful. I watched tango, visited the Puerto Madero and the Casa Rosada, and other beautiful places. I love going to the city with my family! 


I am having a very good exchange and my experience has been nothing but amazing!


Love, Melissa