A group of Dawnbreakers had a fun weekend in Springfield visiting various Abraham Lincoln sites in honor of his 200th birthday thanks to our excellent trip planner, Judy Sedlack!  Thanks Judy!  To see some pictures, click on the "more".

Judy and Amtrak Agent   Sig and Mary waiting  Pat looks at the MPT Book  
Karen and her Mom       Auction Talk on Amtrak  Marla and Engineer Dave
Gary and Sue               Photographer Mary        The Hotel welcomed us
The Abe Lincoln Museum and Library                  Old Springfield Courthouse
Old Springfield Courthouse   Garden of Eat'n        Chocolate Witches Hat
Chocolate Shoes!!!            Lincoln's Family & Friends    At the Museum
A replica of Abe's first home    Krista and Dancer      Historical Dancers
Civil War Officers   Museum Observor     Lincoln's Tomb     Lincoln's Law office
Lincoln's Law Office          Part of the Fed. Court   Lunch at the Museum Cafe
    1840's Post Office           Lincoln's Home                Lincoln's Neighborhood
Appetizers at the hotel      Party in Judy's Room! 
                                                Appetizers at Sebastian's
   Dinner at Adamos             Lunch on the train           Amtrak Dining Car
Carol pounded on the window for HELP from passerbys during our train delay :)
            The Amtrak delay meant we had to wait at the Metra Station!