Fr. Jim kicked off his Diaper Bank project with a presentation at the September 9 meeting and an invitation to the Dawnbreakers to help him in his efforts to "stock the shelves" of the first Diaper Bank in Illinois!  Dawnbreakers answered the call and brought diapers, diapers, and more diapers on Wednesday morning - over 4,500 diapers!  Click More to see additional pictures.

Fr. Jim's presentation stressed the importance of "Vision Without Barriers" and the need to develop a program that builds communication between faith communities and social service agencies.  The St. Paul's Diaper Bank Partnership currently has a number of faith communities and social service agencies signed up for the program.  Agencies participating in the program must be registered 501c3 organizations. 


Those in need of the obtaining diapers will first need to register with the  social agencies involved.  Then, and only then, will St. Paul's be able to distribute the diapers from the bank, which stores the diapers at St. Paul's in McHenry.

There will be an ongoing need for more diapers to keep the Diaper Bank fully supplied, so Dawnbreakers are encouraged to spread the word so that others can contribute to the bank.  A useful source for obtaining diapers is  There you will find plenty of coupons to help your diaper doller go further.


Congratulations Fr. Jim! 
Thank you for your presentation and for allowing us to be part of this great program.